People, Planet, Purpose

When the 3 p's go first then profit follows. We embrace diversity, celebrate individuality, value human dignity, and advocate a spirit of cooperation and mindful thinking.
Consumers of today- yes you, are the global citizens of the planet that have a voice to demand products that are “good for you and good for the planet”.

diversity makes it all work

Healthier People Living on a Healthier Planet


As 21st century living becomes decidedly more high-tech and more low-touch, we become more disconnected from ourselves, one another and our environment. This imbalance impacts the well-being of each of us and of our planet.  At the heart of Aromafloria is a fervent desire to help empower consumers in their search for wellness.  By partnering with Nature we are creating the most authentic wellness personal self-care products possible.  By bringing them to you, we hope to help you create quiet, restorative moments and meaningful rituals that will elicit relaxation and keep you on the road to wellness. It may seem so simple, but quieting the body and mind to savor a multi-sensory ritual is a timeless way of reconnecting with our self.  By integrating these meaningful changes into our life, we model this for others.  “A change in one of us results in a change in all of us”, so as each of us finds balance, we help balance our families, communities, and the globe.

our actions shape our future


We know that the entire planet is a living system, with all of life intricately connected. By being responsible for the air we breathe, the water we use and the land we sow and live upon, we respect and honor these remarkable resources, and preserve them for future generations.  Our conscious business practices and our mission for sustainable living through renewable resources derive from a deep understanding that we are merely borrowing space on Earth for a short period of time.  Our goal is to leave an eco-lasting, positive impression.

passion in action


For us, “complementary and alternative” therapies are a way of life and the roots of our business, not just a lifestyle trend. With over 30 years of passionate commitment, we have the knowledge and experience of working with natural essential oils, medicinal herbals, exotic botanicals and aromatherapeutic remedies.  Our bath, body and skin care products allow Nature to provide you with her healing benefits, and remain authentic solutions in a marketplace overflowing with mass-produced synthetic brands.

As this decade progresses, our hope is to continue to be a vital force in the wellness community, interpreting the art of Aromatherapy in ever-expanding ways, to ensure that Nature’s therapeutic gifts are easily understood and always available to those who seek her remedies.