The Story Continues with Cannafloria 

Cannafloria is the premier line of hemp-infused aromatherapy products that harness the powerful terpenes found in hemp cannabis. Launched by Aromafloria, the 30 year leader in eco-friendly aromatherapy wellness bath and body products, Cannafloria brings you revolutionary Hemp cannabis ingredients from a brand legacy you already trust. Our entire line of products are designed with you and Mother Earth in mind so you can sit back, relax and enjoy each experience.

We love a good hashtag, but today’s “always connected” mindset didn’t come with a set of instructions on how to manage the stress that comes with it. Our mission is to help you navigate stress and the growing demands on your time in a way that empowers you to be in the moment and feel good in it. Science, beauty and wellness are always evolving and we’re at the leading edge.

How, you ask? Cannafloria has redefined aromatherapy by formulating every product to help you find what we call “the essential high.” Our entire product line is infused with Thera Hemp Terpenes, found in hemp cannabis, alongside our aromatherapy essential oil sensations you already love, to help you breathe in the moment and reconnect - even if you only have a few seconds.