Aromatherapy, the ancient art of using essential oils and botanical extracts for physical and psychological well-being, dates back thousands of years. Ancient Chinese and Egyptian cultures are renowned for their use of aromatic plants and essential oils to restore balance and harmony to the body. In the 20th century the term Aromatherapy was coined to embody this holistic and healing art.

When art becomes science

Mother Nature is the best chemist in the world. She also is the greatest teacher- you only need to watch, listen, smell and learn. The Plant Kingdom provides a collection of plants known for their aromatic qualities. They produce highly concentrated aromatic oils distilled from plants to heal the body, boost mental performance, and influence emotions. Plants produce essential oils to protect themselves against disease and to ward off pests and predators. (Think natural bug repellent). Essential oils can calm us down, energize, soothe irritated skin, cheer us up, and help us sleep or sharpen our focus.

How does aromatherapy work?

Essential oils contain “active” and “supportive” components working synergistic-ally and more holistically to deliver wellness naturally! Essential oils are the concentrated "Life Force" of the plant contained in tiny microscopic sacs that contain powerful chemical components-molecules. They work in synergy with one another and with your body to bring about gentle, but powerful messaging via the olfactory pathway to effect subtle, yet dramatic changes in how you feel. Science is now validating that essential oils help fight infections and facilitate the body’s natural healing process. Aromatherapy is the use of highly concentrated aromatic oils distilled from plants to heal the body, boost mental performance, and influence emotions.

How to use plant power

Aromatherapy is used as a complimentary treatment by many practitioners, including herbalists, massage therapists, nurses, pharmacists, chiropractors and physical therapists to promote rebalancing of Body, Mind & Spirit. You’ll find it in spas, private practices, homes, and even hospitals as a recognized complementary treatment.

How can aromatherapy be applied?

One of the best ways to enjoy Aromatherapy is through the bath that optimizes the inhalation benefit. Others include topical body and massage oils, roll-on pulse points, lotions, spray mists, inhalers, candles and air fresheners. Essential oils can be absorbed through the skin or inhaled for easy on- the- go relief any time of day or night.

Not all aromatherapy is pure

Just like intentions are not always pure of thought, Aromatherapy can sometimes be presented with synthetic ingredients- these are OK for pleasure but not for healing. Always check the label for Organic, wild-crafted or pure. In 1985, Aromafloria was formed with the desire to bring to consumers the therapeutic and health benefits of nature’s bounty, while preserving the Earth’s natural resources. Aromafloria makes every effort to ensure that all herbs and botanical extracts are harvested in a responsible manner that is in harmony with indigenous cultures, to protect the ecosystem for future generations to come.