The Benefits of Leg and Foot Massages Before Bed

Humans need touch to survive. Hands-on research reveals skin-to-skin contact is essential for mental and physical well-being. A leg and foot massage before bedtime promotes all-over healing, helping the body and mind unwind, improving blood circulation, and encouraging restful sleep. Nothing heals like the human touch.

Whether you DIY or recruit a helping hand, a four-minute massage per leg and foot delivers the following restorative benefits...

Calms the Body and Mind
A leg and foot rub at the end of a busy day is just the right touch. Gentle pressure on the lower extremities stimulates nerves that signal the central nervous system to chill...out. The soothing, hands-on therapy reduces built-up tension in the body, lowers the heart rate, and deepens shallow breathing to calm the body and mind before bed.

Frequent leg and foot massages also promote the production of oxytocin—a feel-good hormone released by the brain. More oxytocin flowing through the body means less stress (tossing and turning) at bedtime, resulting in a good...deep...sleep.       

Improves Circulation
Leg and foot rubs before bed are a must if you’re stuck behind a desk or on your feet all day. Sitting or standing for extended periods restricts blood flow, which depletes essential nutrients the muscles need to work efficiently. Plus, wearing tight or high-heeled shoes only makes muscle-matters worse.

Increased gravity from high heels and reduced nutrients from limited blood flow causes painful contractions—the body’s impossible-to-ignore signal to MASSAGE YOUR MUSCLES ASAP.

Regular leg and foot massages before bedtime stimulate increased blood flow, which delivers sweet, relaxing relief to hardworking muscles at the end of a demanding day.

Encourages Deeper Sleep
Our legs and feet work hard on a daily basis, supporting our busy bodies through 5,900 steps (or more) per day. Yet somehow our lower extremities are the least pampered parts of our bodies. So, once you’ve massaged all those nourishing night creams onto your hands, face, neck, and décolletage, remember to treat your legs and feet.

A leg and foot massage at bedtime reduces stress, calms the nerves, and delivers instant relaxation before you drift off to sleep. Plus, it feels sooooooo good.

Sweet dreams.