The Entourage Effect

It’s actually pretty straightforward. Simply put, each product is formulated with pure essential oils and infused with hemp seed oil THT™ (Thera-Hemp Terpenes) found in Hemp Cannabis and other aromatic plants. Our products are designed to cozy-up with your endocannabinoid and limbic systems to center your chi and support your body’s natural state of balance and wellness.

We know we’re pushing boundaries, but the “essential high” lifestyle is progressive, just like we are. We’re proud to say our hemp-infused products are safe and yes, completely legal. Our products do not contain THC so they won’t make you "high" like the effects of marijuana…instead, you benefit from naturally calming effects which bring your mind and body back to center. THT ™ (Thera Hemp Terpenes) found in aromatic plants like hemp cannabis aids relaxation and the release of tension and stress.

At the same time, hemp has a rejuvenating effect on your skin by amping up skin hydration with Omega 3 fatty acids and promoting visible skin health.


What's Smell Got To Do With It?

Scent is subjective and curative.
Your French Vanilla candle might stink to someone else, but your nose chose the distinct aroma because it made you FEEL GOOD, RIGHT? Hemp Cannabis is the same-sort of. Aromatic Terpenes give each strain a signature scent, which, like your candle, elicits a powerful response. They are also responsible for the plant's medicinal properties, so once your nose knows the terpene scents, it can guide you to the best buds to help you heal. What's a Terpene? These small molecules are found in the essential oils secreted from the trichromes on the Hemp Cannabis plant. Trichomes are microscopic, mushroom-like glands found on the bud that ooze terpene-rich oil with a distinct aromatic profile and effect. There are over 200 cannabis terpenes, all uniquely scented and distinctly beneficial. They fight infections, reduce pain, calm anxiety, promote sleep, nourish skin cells and so much more.
Hemp & Terpene infused aromatherapy is packed with benefits helping you feel calm, clear, focused, sensual and energized. Learn more about our terpenes, essential oils, and hemp benefits at Cannafloria University to find your perfect match.