Your Nose Knows Which Terpenes You Need

Your Nose Knows Which Terpenes You Need

Scent is subjective and curative. Your French Vanilla candle might stink to someone else, but your nose chose the distinct aroma because it made you feel good, right? Cannabis is the same - sort of. Pungent terpenes give each strain a signature scent, which, like your candle, elicits a powerful response. They are also responsible for the plants’ medicinal properties, so once your nose knows the terpene scents, it will guide you to the best buds to help you heal, even without an identifying label.

What’s a terpene? These small molecules are found in the essential oil secreted from the trichromes on the cannabis plant. Huh? Trichromes are microscopic, mushroom-like glands found on the bud that ooze terpene-rich oil with a distinct aromatic profile, such as sweet, sour, spicy, or bitter. There are over 200 cannabis terpenes, all uniquely scented and distinctly beneficial. They fight infections, reduce pain, calm anxiety, prevent seizures, nourish skin cells, and so much more. Get a whiff of these…

For Insomnia and Relaxation: Think Earthy!

Who doesn’t love the smell of the great outdoors? Forest-scented cannabis like Pine, Rosemary, Dill, and Hops are natural favorites, thanks to the powerful terpenes Myrcene, an excellent sleep aid, Alpha-pinene, an anti-inflammatory, Humulene, an anti-bacterial agent, and Ocimene, a powerful decongestant. No need to memorize tricky terpene names, remember, your nose already knows the earthy scents to find the perfect strain. See how easy it is? Or rather, smell how easy it is?

For Pain, Stress and Inflammation

Think Spicy! Yeah, baby. Spicy-scented cannabis like Cinnamon, Peppercorn, and Clove will definitely get your body’s attention and heal it, thanks to the mood-boosting terpene Beta-caryophyllene, which regulates pain receptors in your brain so you can de-stress in total comfort.

For Anxiety, Migraines, and a Healthy Gut

Think Citrus! Let the delicious healing begin. Citrusy-scented cannabis like Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime, Orange, and Tangerine promotes a healthy fresh start, thanks to the potent terpenes Limonene, a gut healer, and Terpinolene, a mild sedative. No plucking fruit from a tree required.

For Sensational Skin

Think Floral! Get out and smell the Roses, Geraniums, Lilies, Violets, and Lavender! Floral-scented cannabis relieves a myriad of skin issues, thanks to some sweet help from terpenes Nerolidol, an antifungal, Linalool, an anti-inflammatory, acne fighter, and Alpha-bisabolol, a skin-saving wound healer.

That’s only 10 of the 200 healing terpenes out there! Go sniff out some strains that make you feel amazing!